Throughout this year we have asked young people who have come on a course at Peat Rigg what they thought before they came and what they thought after.


 This is a summary of their answers:



Top 5 things that people were worried about:

  • Peat Rigg being cold, uncomfortable or horrible place
  • Not liking or being able to eat the food
  • Not getting on with other people in their group
  • Being forced to do activities
  • Missing home/being homesick      



Top 5 comments at the end of a course:

  • I Can't believe how much I have achieved
  • I was surprised at how nice Peat Rigg is 
  • I really got to know my friends even better 
  • I loved Stan the dog
  • I wish I could have stayed for longer


We asked 'What advice would you give to somebody coming to Peat Rigg'


  • Go for it! There is nothing to worry about
  • Try new things - it is surprising what you'll like 
  • Get some sleep - you will be tired out at the end of each day
  • Bring lots of old clothes - some will get wet and muddy
  • Keep smiling throughout the week