Information for Parents

Based on 25 years of running residential courses for young people and meeting their parents at pre-course presentations, these are the most frequent areas that you want to know about:

What is the accommodation like?

Peat Rigg has some of the very best standards of accommodation and facilities anywhere in the country. Dormitories are warm and cosy. Most have en-suite facilities. Dorms accommodate 4 students and Schools' staff will ensure that your child is sharing with a friend. The centre also has dining rooms, lounges and games rooms.  Accommodation

Is it safe?

Peat Rigg has an excellent safety record. This is due to experienced and qualified staff, good quality regularly tested equipment and rigorous safety procedures. We are also externally inspected by a range of agencies and hold the appropriate approvals to provide adventurous activities.

We talk to the staff at your school to ensure that we design a course with the right level of challenge. Not to scare your child, but to provide opportunities for them to grow in confidence and feel good about themselves.

My child can’t swim/Is afraid of heights

We want everybody to achieve whilst they are at Peat Rigg. We encourage not force. Courses are progressive so that young people can build up the level of challenge during the week or the weekend, and as this increases, so does their confidence and self-esteem. We also continually talk to teachers and leaders to ensure that activities are suitable for their students.

Should they bring mobiles, valuables, or sweets?

Check with the School about their policy for this. However, at Peat Rigg there is no mobile reception, valuables can easily get lost or broken in the outdoors, and they will be very well fed whilst they are here

Do they need any money?

We have a small gift shop at Peat Rigg. Check out the schools policy first.
However, we would suggest a maximum of £10 per person.

Will they learn anything?

Peat Rigg provides the opportunity to learn the values and behaviours that are often difficult to cover in a school environment. These could be teamwork, communication or Health and Wellbeing. It could involve becoming more independent and resilient. In short all the real life skills that they will need for school, home, hobbies and the rest of life........ They may even learn how to make their bed!

Food at Peat Rigg

At Peat Rigg, we pride ourselves in the quality of food that we provide. Everything is home-cooked, wholesome and nutritious. We are a working farm and much of the food is as fresh as it gets!  We are very used to cooking for special dietary needs.  The meals are designed for an active day to keep young people, and staff active and alert.

What are your staff like? Are they checked?

Good staffing is the key to a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience. That is why we spend a lot of effort in choosing excellent staff. If we ever have a staff vacancy we usually get 50 to 80 applicants. That means that we can be selective. Then histories, qualifications and references are checked and of course they are DBS checked (Disclosure Barring Service).

It’s my Childs birthday whist they are away

No problem. Just let your teacher or group leader know in advance so that they can tell us.

Can I contact them to check that they are alright?

The best indication that they are having a wonderful time is that you don’t hear from them. In the past we have found that contact with parents can make young people (or their friends) homesick. Usually the teacher or leader in charge will contact the school to give a progress report.

Can I contact Peat Rigg – there is something you have not covered on this website?

Please feel free. Phone 01751 417112 or e mail us on if there is anything else you need to know